Our Mission

To provide our clients with the best-unbiased Insurance and Risk Management advice, allowing them to take well-informed decisions for the protection of their assets while maintaining the lowest possible costs. This will help our clients to be more competitive in their marketplace. You deserve the best insurance advice. Your business should have someone you can […]

Insurance consulting is not an intangible!

AAIC has always improved, without fail, our clients’ insuring conditions. In addition, we have always been successful in reducing direct and indirect costs by as much as 50% in some cases. To most administrators, insurance consulting is an intangible: a service that is difficult to measure. This is in fact not true. In reality, there are difficulties in initially assessing the need […]


    Industry News

  • Business Insurance

    Businesses, non-profits and charities all purchase or consider the purchase of insurance as part of good management practices. In larger organizations, risk managers are continually evaluating various risks to the organization and implement programs to reduce and manage those risks, and purchase insurance to backstop remaining exposures. Smaller organizations may depend to a greater extent […]

  • Controlling Costs with Risk Management

    Risk, in insurance terms, is the possibility of a loss or other adverse event that has the potential to interfere with an organization’s ability to fulfill its mandate, and for which an insurance claim may be submitted.

  • Insurance Fraud in Prime Time

    By Gordon Alexander IBM Canada Ltd Is it just me or did you also notice the abundance of fraud news stories last year in insurance? It makes me wonder if there’s a TV show in the making; you know “Torn from today’s news stories, names changed to protect the parties” akin to Law & Order […]

  • Know Thy Enemy: Recognizing Fraudsters

    By James McAuley and Rebecca Street | May 25 “Insurance fraud” is a term broadly used for illicit activity related to either buying or selling insurance. It comes in many forms: fabricated claims (property, life, health, and accident), staged auto accidents, arson, inaccurate declarations, and inflation of genuine claims, and can even extend to internal […]