Why Hire a Consultant?

Clients and their brokers who believe that there is no need for supervision and periodic review are generally those who need it the most.

We are not duty bound to find fault in our clients’ insurance programs. The top consultants in any field are always pleased when they can tell a client, “Everything is in order.”

However, insurance service providers work more carefully and pay more attention to detail when they know their work will be reviewed by someone who has at least as much, or possibly more, expertise in their area, than they possess themselves.

Consultants control and direct the insurance marketplace to achieve maximum results for clients. Knowing who the right service providers are and knowing the best method to obtain their optimal performance is the key to any successful marketing effort. Allowing many competing brokers to approach the same insurer is counterproductive and should never be permitted.

We will ensure that our clients obtain a better insurance policy than what they would normally get right “off the shelf” on their own.

Many coverage enhancements are free, but you have to know about them, and to ask for them. Others are nominal in cost, but are sold, if possible, at an inflated premium cost. Consultants are able to request free coverage, and, in most cases, improve coverage and reduce cost.

Like most industries, the insurance industry has its share of inherent flaws. These are found in the delivery of their various products and services. We, at AAIC, assist and advise our clients of the various ways and means, to achieve greater value for their insurance investments.