18 Reasons to Hire AAIC

  • Have your insurance costs gone up?

AAIC will help you find the right insurance program – at the best price.

  • Are you sure you have the right insurance coverage?

As insurance specialists, AAIC knows the right policy terms and conditions. We will customize the program to suit the needs of your corporation.

  • Is your business expanding or downsizing? Will your insurance meet your needs?

Without the influence of commissions, AAIC will guide you to make the right decisions

  • Is it time for competitive bidding?

AAIC is an unbiased insurance advisor who will advise you whether or not it is to your advantage to go through a competitive bid process. If it is the best scenario, then we will handle the complete bidding process with substantially less involvement on your part, saving you countless administrative hours. AAIC will sort out the issues and intricacies of the process and will get you the best available pricing the market can bare.

  • Is your insurance program up for renewal? Can you allocate the numerous hours and resources to the process that your insurance portfolio deserves?

AAIC will save you countless administrative hours and effort. Our extensive experience and knowledge will get you right to the decision-making stage without blind alleys and false starts.

  • Do you get the feeling your current agent/broker takes you for granted or is not doing the job you expect from him/her?

AAIC will provide you with an unbiased review and evaluation of your current insurance service provider. Our report and recommendations will provide you with the answers to all your concerns and queries.

  • Do agents and brokers constantly solicit you? Do you let them quote your insurance or not? Are they experienced enough in your industrial sector of activity?


By mandating AAIC – you are hiring experts who will sort all of the solicitation and processes. We will deal with all of these requests on your behalf, leaving you more time to deal with other important issues and decisions.

  • Are you starting a new business and need the right insurance?

AAIC can move you through the process quickly while making sure you are buying the right coverage, and at the right cost.

  • Are you in acquisition mode? Is insurance an issue?

AAIC will be there to audit the company’s insurance program, and loss history before you conclude the acquisition. You do not want to find out that you will inherit uninsured potential claims, and any other long-tail potential liabilities.

  • Are you doing business internationally? Will your coverage respond?

AAIC’s expertise in international insurance issues gets you the help you need. We will ensure that you have the appropriate coverage to meet the regulations of the countries that you are now dealing with.

  • Have you received bids from several agents? Do you know which bid is the best?

With only your interest in mind, AAIC will help you move in the right direction, in order for you to make the right choice.

  • Are you having trouble getting a claim paid?

We have all been there before! AAIC will help you navigate the insurance claims process and make sure you get the maximum you are entitled to.

  • You are considering adding a new coverage to your insurance program? Do you really need the insurance?

AAIC will help with the analysis and the decision. The purchase of additional insurance is not always the best option, and certainly not the only option!

  • You want to be sure your policy covers a claim you are concerned about?

Let AAIC review the policy and provide you with clear answers about what you are entitled to.

  • Are you selling your company, or some of its’ assets, and want to be sure your potentially old liabilities are covered? Will your current insurance protect you?

AAIC will look out for your best interest and provide you with the best recommendations, to ensure that you are protected from any retroactive incident(s).

  • You are downsizing and need to outsource some functions?

AAIC’s insurance consultants can provide specific expertise to do exactly what you require.